Klager og svindel over hele oslo!

Artikkel fra Mediahuset Nova, Telefonkatalogen.biz

If you seriously want to use Twitter as a branding tool, you need to tweet at least once a day, and ideally more often than that. Interest does not come as a result of a single tweet. Beware of being fraudulent advertising and sales-oriented, so that the reader gets the impression that they must do something for you. People should read your tweets and want to see what you are now in progress. When you communicate something new and interesting, so they will stop and read it – not just because the content is interesting, but because they are interested in what you write. Usually, most supporters of the company places on creating entertaining tweets combined with attractive offers, which serves as a reward for fans and avoid the impression of the hard sell.

Klager og svindel over hele oslo!
Artikkel fra Mediahuset Nova, Telefonkatalogen.biz

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